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The Broadway Drug Center offers a drive thru window along with a full line of health and beauty aids, a special line of vitamins, home medical equipment, greeting cards and of course a full service Prescription Department.

To enter Prescription refills and receive Text Messages or Email Notification Please go to https://stores.healthmart.com/BroadwayDrugCenterPharmacy and register to enter refills on that site.

Broadway Drug Center will be offering health screenings on the first Wednesday of each month.  They will be done from 8:30 AM  to Noon. 

Featured Stories
Exercise for Healthy Joints
Joints are located where two bones meet and they give our skeleton flexibility, without them our bodies simply wouldn’t be able to move.

Too Little Vitamin D May Add to Obesity's Burden
Severely obese people with vitamin D deficiency may be less mobile than those with normal levels of the vitamin, a new study says.
Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health
People with sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder, may be at increased risk for the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, especially women and older people, a new study suggests.
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Broadway Drug Center Health Tips
What is leptin?
Leptin is a hormone that has a central role in fat metabolism. It was first discovered in 1994 and is produced by adipose tissue (fat tissue). Leptin affects your appetite. It signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Even though leptin is generally a circulating signal that reduces appetite, obese people have an unusually high concentration of leptin. These people are resistant to the effects of leptin, in much the same way that people with type 2 diabetes are resistant to the effects of insulin. ... more

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